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You will count on the exquisite elephant safari where you count on an array of species like One-horned Rhinoceros, Indian Elephant, Wild Water Buffalo, Hog Badger, Capped Langur, Hoolock Gibbons, Wild Boar, Swamp Deer, Indian Boson, Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Hog Deer, Leopard Cats, Otter, Jackal, Pythons, Monitor Lizard, and Fishing Cat, Hispid Hare, Indian Gray Mangoose, Large Indian Civet, Small Indian Civet, Bengal Fox, Golden Jackal, Chinese Pangolin, Indian Pangolin, Hog Badger, Chinese Ferret Badger, Parti-colored Flying Squirrels along with over 500 species of birds that the bird watching enthusiasts will be interested in. Also, visit the tea plantations and Natun Danga Karbi Village to get treated to the famous feast. Later, get back to the hotel and stay overnight!

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